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Why a Martial Arts Training Journal?

As a Martial Artist, you are constantly striving for perfection. You need to be strong, fit, flexible and have awesome technique to stay ahead of your rivals.

To achieve this, you need a tool to set your goals, focus on the different aspects of your training and track your progress.

Take those steps of constant refinement and self-improvement with the Martial Arts Training Journal from Martial Devotee.


We've taken a simple yet practical approach to recording your training sessions so that you can track your progress and improve as a Martial Artist.

With specific sections focused on:

  • Technical Proficiency - hone your Martial Arts skills
  • Physical Conditioning - improve your strength, coordination and fitness
  • Mobility & Flexibility - move effortlessly through full range of motions as required by your Martial Art
  • Meditation & Mindset - build the mental fortitude required to push past your physical limits

We've also got a section for general training notes so that you can log any observations and areas of improvement.

A weekly view of BMI and VO2 Max indicators gives you detailed stats on the effectiveness of your training.

Your Training - Your Choice

Choose the option that is right for you:

  • Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel
  • Printable PDF

For Martial Artists by Martial Artists

I developed the Martial Devotee Digital Training Journal to ensure that I was training effectively and focusing on all areas of my Martial Arts development.

This training journal is intuitive and convenient and will give you focus and clarity on the skills you want to develop and where you need to improve.

Take a systematic approach and get the most out of your training.

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Martial Arts Training Journal - Microsoft Excel | Google Sheets | Printable PDF

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