Practice Makes Perfect - Google Sheets

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Practice Makes Perfect

Repetition and consistent practice are key factors to gaining proficiency and mastering a skillset. 

As Martial Artists, we are constantly seeking perfection of technique to the point that it becomes intuitive and deeply ingrained within us. With continuous training and drilling, we can call upon our skills without thought and simply react to a given situation.

I have applied the 1000 repetition rule to all skills, techniques, and combinations that I have learnt. This has helped me gain a satisfying level of proficiency quickly so that I can move on to more advanced training.  To this end, I developed the Practice Makes Perfect tool which I use regularly.  This way I can be sure that I have practiced a skill no less than 1000 times.


We've taken a simple yet practical approach to recording the number of repetitions that you have completed for a given skill so that you can gain proficiency quickly and move on to more advanced training.

Our skill tracker allows you to input skills and then track the number of repetitions you have completed for each skill up to 1000.

Your Dashboard updates in real-time and will provide you with a quick view on how you are progressing with your skills.

This is a simple to use tool that it is portable and accessible from any of your devices.

For Martial Artists by Martial Artists

I’ve gained much success with this method of training, and it has helped me to progress quickly through the Martial Arts ranks.  It has set me on the path to more advanced forms of training and I truly enjoy the process.

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Practice Makes Perfect - Google Sheets

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